Global Blogging Survey 2016 Results

Integrity leads the way for bloggers but earning a living from content is on the rise.

  • 50% of bloggers look to earn a living from blogging
  • 77% refuse to put financial benefit ahead of blog purpose
  • Under 10% rely on communications professionals to source inspiration for content creation


Social media’s importance as a communication tool is now well-established and as blog volumes increase by tens of millions each year, so does blogging’s impact. Blogging’s global reach has created a new generation of influencers who daily affect brands’ relationships with their audiences and bloggers are increasingly interested in establishing long-term partnerships with brands. But they’re not prepared to do that at any cost. Whilst greater numbers start blogging as a hobby (33%), 20% say they blog to earn a living. What is abundantly clear is that while there is a desire to monetise blogs – 50% of bloggers state that they expect to earn a living from blogging – the majority of respondents (77%) claim that a financial benefit or incentive will not distract them from their niche or commitment to their audience.


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